What to Wear

Unofficial race day attire: smart casual. Being the fun, laid back country race track that we are, no dress codes apply to any of our race days or ticketed functions. However, we know a day at the races is the perfect excuse to go that extra mile so why not enter our Fashions on the Field competition?

on the Field

Fashions on the Field (FOTF) is held EVERY race day and is a very popular feature at the Gympie Turf Club.

Our FOTF is highlighted by the support of our local Fashions on the Field sponsors:



Entering Fashions on the Field has become increasingly popular, with many entrants spending considerable time and effort into planning their outfit for the day.

Our current FOTF categories are as follows:

How to Enter

Registrations for FOTF open from 1pm approx. Entrants need to have registered before the second race at the tent beside the main stage. Entrants will be given a number and are expected to go on stage in order. Entrants will have a few moments to pose in front of the judges and show off their outfit.

In order to maximise your chances of winning, follow our guidelines and helpful hints when planning your outfit. Style, originality and appropriateness of outfit for the conditions of the day key.

  • Season/Weather. Your outfit needs to match the weather! Traditionally speaking, Autumn and Winter race days see lots of darker, warmer colours, felt, leather and layered outfits. On the other hand, Spring and Summer seasons often emphasises florals, brighter colours, pastels, graphic prints and open toed shoes.

  • Headwear is an absolute must! It doesn’t necessarily have to be the showpiece of your entire outfit, but a hat, fascinator or other headwear is essential to securing a sash!

  • Attention to detail (millinery, accessories, shoes etc). Coordinate your entire outfit! Shoes, bag, headpiece, jewellery and other accessories must complement each other for a winning combo.

  • Appropriateness of outfits for Fashions on the Field (appropriate formal daywear). Gents should wear a two or three piece suit or jacket, polished shoes and tie or bow tie that compliments their partner’s outfit.

  • Understanding and interpretation of current fashion trends without losing your own personal flair. Less is often more – this applies to your jewellery, make up and accessories. Simple, clean and sophisticated is what the judges are looking for Glamour, timeless style and class are key elements to success! Very short dresses/skirts, low-cut tops and heavy make-up are best left for nightclubs. Opt for knee length, or longer skirts or dresses instead.

  • Hair, makeup and confidence.

  • Most importantly, have fun!